Call for clarification on PCR test requirement for babies


    There are calls for clarification on the issue of PCR tests being required for babies coming into Trinidad and Tobago.

    103.1FM News spoke with New Jersey resident and US citizen Christine Coughlin, who wants to travel to T&T with her 8-month-old child to visit her 79-year-old visually impaired mother.

    Mrs. Coughlin is fully vaccinated.

    She tried to book a flight to T&T this past weekend but was forced to postpone, after officials at Caribbean Airlines informed her of the PCR requirement for her baby.

    According to information from the National Security Ministry, unvaccinated/partially vaccinated minors travelling under the care of a fully vaccinated adult will be subjected to the same protocols as the fully vaccinated adult.

    The minor will also have to undergo an additional PCR test between the 3rd and 5th day after arrival in the country.

    Mrs. Coughlin believes the matter of very young children undergoing not one, but two PCR tests could be an oversight and is urging authorities to provide clarification.

    She adds however, that if it is indeed a requirement, she will abide by the rules stipulated by the Government.

    She is hoping to fly into T&T soon, as she has not seen her ailing mother for over a year.

    Entry requirements vary around the world, however a number of countries exempt children of various ages from needing a PCR test.

    103.1FM has sent a query to the Ministry of National Security, however is yet to receive a response.