Public officers now have until February 17th to be fully vaccinated


    Public officers now have until February 17th to ensure they are fully vaccinated.

    This extension for the implementation of the vaccination mandate was announced today by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, as he spoke during a media briefing.

    Previously, Dr Rowley had stated that public officers had to be fully vaccinated by January 17th 2022 or face furlough.

    According to the Prime Minister, an average of 64.4% of workers in the different Ministries were fully vaccinated.

    In terms of the individual Ministries, Foreign and CARICOM Affairs was the most vaccinated with 87%, followed by Tourism at 85.3%.

    The Ministry with the lowest vaccination status is National Security, at 34.3%.





























    The Prime Minster also announced the opening hours for beaches will be extended to 2pm.

    The new opening hours from Monday will therefore be 5am to 2pm.

    He also stated the intention to soon allow access to rivers but with restrictions:

    • No gatherings of more than 10 people
    • No parties
    • No music
    • No fires