BOATT calls for partial re-opening of bars


    The Barkeepers and Operators Association believes a recent comment by an expert strengthens its call for the sector to be partially re-opened.

    On Monday, Epidemiologist Dr Avery Hinds said there was no distinction between one gathering over another with regard to COVID- 19 risk.

    Given that, the Association believes it is unfair that some businesses have been allowed to re-open, while they continue to be restricted to pick-up service only.

    It points out that physically distanced groups are being allowed at restaurants, casinos, food courts and cinemas, but not at bars.

    It also maintains that while alcohol consumption at casinos and restaurants are prohibited due mostly to indoor settings, while alcohol is still being consumed by persons congregating outdoors.

    BOATT says most bars cater for both indoor and outdoor settings and the association is suggesting a limited and phased reopening for the bar industry.

    It is calling for outdoor dining with alcohol consumption, and indoor dining with no alcohol consumption.