Boats with Venezuelans intercepted


    Two vessels carrying Venezuelan nationals were caught in T&T’s waters over the weekend.

    According to the Coast Guard, the first interception came around 10:20pm on Friday November 1st 2019.

    The pirogue with 33 Venezuelans (20 males and 13 females) was stopped in the Gulf of Paria, and subsequently taken to the Coast Guard Headquarters in Staubles Bay, Chaguaramas.

    An empty pistol magazine was found on board, leading to the arrest of the vessel’s capatin.

    Several hours later, around 12:59am on Saturday November 2nd, another vessel with 15 Venezuelans (11 males and 4 females) was intercepted, again in the Gulf of Paria.

    Of the 48 persons detained altogether, 47 were escorted back to Venezuela just after noon on Sunday November 3rd, on the instruction of the Immigration Division.

    One person, the captain of the first vessel, remained in police custody, charged for possession of a pistol magazine.