bmobile issues statement on eSIM and US iPhone 14s

    (Photo credit: Apple on Facebook)

    bmobile has issued a statement about the US versions of the iPhone 14 that support eSIM technology.

    The company explains that the iPhone 14 models produced for the US market will no longer accommodate a physical SIM card.

    Instead, they will use embedded SIM technology, AKA eSIM.

    bmobile says this means that the US iPhone 14 models will not work in Trinidad and Tobago, but the models sold by bmobile locally will, as usual, utilize physical nano-SIM cards.

    The company recognizes however that eSIM usage is expected to increase in the coming years because of its flexibility, versatility and added security technology.

    It notes that it has partnered with international company, Optiva, to embark on an upgrade of its Business Support Systems platform.

    This will allow bmobile to bring emerging services like eSIM to the market in a shorter space of time.