Blue Waters launches low GI sports and malt drinks, Diabetes Association approves


    Blue Waters has launched a new isotonic drink (sports drink) and a new malt beverage – Stamina Recovery and Stamina Build.

    Both have gotten the stamp of approval from the Diabetes Association of T&T.

    The new beverages made by Blue Waters took five years to create

    Speaking at the launch last night at Brian Lara’s residence, Andrew Dhanoo of DATT says they ran glycemic index testing on the drinks.

    He says they have low GI and one serving of the drinks is safe for persons with diabetes.

    Mr Dhanoo lauded the timing of the new beverages as he estimates that at least half of T&T’s population is affected by pre-diabetes or diabetes.

    The products also targets athletes and health conscious persons due to their low sugar contents, low calories and high vitamin concentrations.

    They have vitamins A, C, E, eight B vitamins and are low in sodium.

    Stamina Recovery ($4.95) and Build ($5.25-$5.50) are available at groceries including Massy, Xtra Foods, Tru Value, JTA and Persads.