Blue Plaque for Bob Marley’s London home


    An English Heritage blue plaque has been installed at the London house where Bob Marley lived while finishing work on the ground-breaking album Exodus.

    The plaque marks #42 Oakley Street, in Chelsea, where Marley lived with his band the Wailers in 1977.

    Marley and the Wailers’ famous Exodus album included hits such as “Jamming”, “Three Little Birds” and “One Love”.

    According to the BBC, the plaque installation had been stuck in the planning process because Marley was not registered in phone directories or electoral registers.

    The singer also gave a different address during an arrest for cannabis possession in 1977 to prevent the police from searching the house on Oakley Street.

    Eventually, English Heritage confirmed the house was the band’s headquarters and Marley’s primary address.

    The installation of the Blue Plaque comes after a drive to uncover more addresses of ethnic minority figures.