Bloomberg report: T&T saw fifth highest surge of COVID over past month

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    Trinidad and Tobago has been ranked as the country with the fifth highest surge of COVID-19 cases over the past month.

    This is according to figures from the Johns Hopkins University which have been quoted by a Bloomberg news report.

    The figures show T&T witnessing a 701% change in the number of new COVID-19 cases in the past month versus the month before.

    In all, the country saw 3,197 new positives in the month leading up to May 2nd 2021.

    Top of the list is Laos which saw a 22,000% change with 884 new cases, followed by Nepal (1,645%), Thailand (1,293%), Bhutan (909%) and then T&T.

    India, which has been grappling with the pandemic, is 9th with a 516% change after recording over 7 million new cases in the last month.

    According to the Bloomberg report, the virus is threatening the “developing world less equipped to curb it.”