Bill to decriminalize weed possession to be laid in Parliament today

    (Image Credit: Shutterstock)

    Today, legislation will be laid in the Parliament to decriminalize marijuana possession.

    The announcement came during a PNM meeting in La Horquetta last night from Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi who says the decision was made at today’s cabinet meeting.

    He went on to explain the gist of the proposed law.

    There will also be strict rules as to where persons can have and use marijuana.

    Another Bill will also be laid for the Cannabis Control Authority.

    Mr Al Rawi says this move will help free up the courts and ease the forensic backlog, allowing for focus to be placed on more serious crimes.

    The move meanwhile was further justified by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, who also spoke on the platform last night.

    Dr Rowley also paid tribute to La Horquetta/Talparo MP Maxie Cuffie, and thanked those who helped run his constituency during his illness.

    Mr Cuffie appeared briefly on the podium during the at the start of the meeting to encourage support for the Local Government candidates in his district.