ATTIC on bad weather: Review insurance arrangements


    The Association of T&T Insurance Companies is urging persons to review insurance arrangements in light of the ongoing hurricane season.

    The association says the T&T Met Service has forecasted a 47% chance of the formation of four storms in the region and three with the potential of becoming hurricanes.

    It believes persons should follow the following tips:
    • Enquire from your insurer whether you are covered for flood damage and insure both your property and its contents
    • Policyholders must also update their insurance policies frequently so that insured values are based on current replacement values of insured assets
    • Contact your insurance company, agent or broker and immediately notify them of any potential claims
    • Present bills, photographs or some proof of ownership of lost items to support your claim, if possible
    • If your building or vehicle has been damaged, submit estimates for repairs along with a claim form
    • Expect to hear from an Insurance Adjuster who will visit the location where the loss occurred to verify the claim
    • During the time of hurricanes or weather alerts, insurers may temporarily amend their policies