Asa Wright eco-lodge closed, Trust to continue its work

    (Photo via Asa Wright Nature Centre)

    The eco-lodge at the Asa Wright Nature Centre has ceased operations.

    However the not-for-profit Trust remains in existence and there are assurances that it will continue managing its protected areas as a wildlife sanctuary.

    The location has been closed to visitors for several months now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    In recent says there were concerns about the overall situation following reports that it had been shut down.

    On its Facebook page, the Centre says the Chairperson of the Board will be issuing a statement shortly to clarify the situation.

    It also assures that it will try to sustain on-going research and conservation projects, as well as to provide needed maintenance for the trails and grounds of the Centre.

    However it will have to rely on donations to do so as there is no revenue to sustain its continued work.

    For more information on donating, visit the Centre’s website HERE.