Arrive Alive makes another plea as another life lost in a crash

    File Photo

    Drivers are again being urged to reduce speed and adapt to road conditions, including wet roads, following another life lost on the nation’s highways.

    Around 5pm yesterday, a grey Toyota Hilux vehicle lost control and crashed into a light pole on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway in the vicinity of Oropune Gardens, west of the Piarco intersection.

    The crash claimed the life of a 43 year old woman, who lived at Santa Rosa Heights.

    Photos of the incident show the vehicle almost wrapped around the pole.

    Arrive Alive has pleaded with drivers to take caution when driving on wet roads, near light poles and where there is a lack of barriers.

    The organization has called for light poles that are in the median of highways to be installed to international standards to ensure our roads are made “more forgiving”.

    Arrive Alive has called for barriers to be urgently placed around these poles.