Arima Business Association supports curfew or SOE to address COVID pandemic


    One business entity has voiced support for a curfew or state of emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The Arima Business Association, in a Facebook post, notes that from May 1st to 13th, there have been 85 deaths.

    It says while most citizens adhere to COVID-19 protocols, there are some whose nonchalance put others at risk.

    It also suggests that the T&T Defence Force can step in to help with a curfew or SOE, as many police officers are currently in quarantine.

    The association acknowledges that any further restrictions would bring financial implications for citizens and businesses alike.

    As such, it makes 10 suggestions including, but not limited to, cheaper moratoriums, reducing interest rates, suspending the disconnection of utilities, removing VAT on specific vitamins and supplements that boost immune systems and implementing 12-month business stimulus measures.

    Government has previously said that it is not considering an SOE to deal with the pandemic.