Argentina investigates massive power outage


    An investigation has been launched by Argentina to determine the cause of a massive power cut that hit nearly 50 million people yesterday.

    President Mauricio Macri has promised a thorough probe calling the outage “unprecedented”.

    Almost all of Argentina, neighbouring Uruguay and some areas of Paraguay woke up to darkness and the disruption hit public transport while hospitals were forced to run on generators.

    However, most of the power had been restored by the end of the day.

    Argentine officials said it began with a failure in the country’s “interconnection system” but that the exact cause was unknown.

    Energy Minister Gustavo Lopetegui said it was unlikely that a cyber-attack was responsible, and that it would take 10-15 days for the results of the investigation to be published.

    Despite the massive outage he said the country’s electrical network was “very robust”.