Angostura workers back on the job


    Angostura workers are back on the job following an agreement between the company and their union.

    Nearly 300 employees downed their tools yesterday to protest a decision not to pay bonuses this year.

    According to Angostura, a deal was struck late on Wednesday evening for an ex-gratia payment, which is in addition to their full December salaries.

    Even as the agreement was announced though, Angostura’s Executive Manager Corporate Services Rahim Mohammed stated that it has not been business as usual due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

    “This year has been filled with unforeseen challenges for everyone.The Company would like to recognize its employees,and the contribution which they made during these unprecedented times to keep Angostura®operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has not been business as usual for other Corporate entities in our Country, and Angostura® is no exception.  We look forward to the continued support from our employees, for the betterment of our Company, mindful of the many challenges that we all face during a global pandemic.”