Amnesty International criticizes deportation of Venezuelans


    Amnesty International has accused T&T of recently deporting at least 165 Venezuelan nationals, in violation of international law.

    In an article published on its website, the organization’s Caribbean Researcher Louise Tillotson says “to deport Venezuelan refugees back to the human rights and humanitarian emergency that they were fleeing, in the middle of a pandemic, is an outrageous violation of the obligations that Trinidad and Tobago has committed to under international law.”

    She adds that “the authorities of Trinidad and Tobago are pushing a xenophobic narrative, which associates people fleeing Venezuela with the COVID-19 virus in a way that risks further stigmatizing and discriminating against people in need of international protection.”

    Amnesty International is urging local authorities to refrain from using criminal law to punish and to instead work with NGOs, UN agencies and Venezuelans themselves to find solutions.

    During July, the media repeatedly reported that the authorities in Trinidad and Tobago have arrested and quarantined Venezuelans.

    Attempts to contact National Security Minister Stuart Young for a comment have been unsuccessful.

    Read the article from Amnesty International HERE.