Amalgamated Security donates 100 devices to “No Child Left Behind” Programme


    100 devices have been donated by Amalgamated Security Services to the National Security Ministry’s “No Child Left Behind” Programme.

    The programme originates from the Office of Law Enforcement Policy’s Morvant Laventille Initiative which was created to improve the quality of life of communities in the East Port of Spain district.

    According to the Ministry, the MLI partnered with the Inter-Agency Task Force’s Hearts and Minds Programme, to identify students from primary to tertiary level, who are at risk of being ‘left behind’.

    The Hearts and Minds Programme will be in charge of distributing the devices, which will be donated to 21 schools and communities over the holiday period and beyond.

    According to the Ministry, the first phase targets students preparing for the SEA, CSEC and CAPE examinations in 2021.