Al Rawi: Gov’t intends to get Local Government reform done


    Government is committed to Local Government Reform according to Minister Faris Al Rawi.

    Speaking at a media conference this afternoon, Mr Al Rawi lamented the absence of opposition local government officials at a meeting this morning.

    The meeting was supposed to involve the Prime Minister however Mr Al Rawi said he opted out of the discussion after hearing a call by the UNC Leader for a boycott of the meeting.

    Due to this absence, he said information on how government intends to operationalize reform was not able to be given to these local government officials.

    Mr Al Rawi then outlined some key concepts of the Local Government Reform.

    Another aspect of the discussions was to speak directly to the financing of local government.


    UNC members of municipal corporations say, despite the Minister’s statement about reform, the main issue remains a lack of funding from government.

    At a media conference led by St Augustine MP Khadijah Ameen, a number of councillors complained that they have not been getting the releases of money needed.

    This, councillors explained, means monies may be allocated but do not reach the corporations for use in addressing issues like roads and drainage.

    The MP explained that these problems faced by corporations do not require local government reform but simply political will.

    Furthermore, she said that councillors have regular meetings with government out of which there is no progress.