AG’s Office asks Court to correct “error” following Top Cop ruling


    The Attorney General’s office is asking the Court to correct what it sees as an error in yesterday’s ruling on the appointments of Gary Griffith and McDonald Jacob.

    Yesterday, Justice Nadia Kangaloo declared two Orders surrounding the selection process for Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioner of Police void and unconstitutional.

    These are one from 2009, which allowed the PSC to make acting appointments without Parliamentary approval, and one from 2021.

    However, the Office of the AG says the 2021 Order was deemed by the Court to be entirely consistent with the constitution.

    The Court did state though, that the procedure provided for under paragraph four of the 2021 Order did not need to be articulated in an Order and, therefore, should be struck down.

    But, according to the AG’s Office, the information issued by the Registrar of the Court declared the entire 2021 Order invalid.

    It considers this an error and, if the court does not correct it, an immediate appeal will be launched.

    The Office says it agrees with the ruling on Mr Griffith’s appointment but disagrees that any part of the 2021 Order is invalid.