Agri Economist: Dedicate a restored fish landing site to ‘Ragoo’

    Kishore 'Ragoo' Boodram (left) and Omardath Maharaj

    An agricultural economist wants government to restore and dedicate the Claxton Bay Fish Landing Site to the late, Kishore ‘Ragoo’ Boodram.

    In a media release, Mr Omardath Maharaj extends condolences to the Boodram family following the death of the Claxton Bay Fishing Association President.

    He says Mr Boodram was on the forefront of advocacy on issues such as pollution in the Gulf of Paria, industrial trawling and piracy.

    Furthermore, he also lobbied for the renovation and upgrade of the Claxton Bay Fish Landing Site, fish market and a seafood processing facility on site.

    Mr Maharaj is now calling on government to restore the landing site, which he says has fallen into disrepair, and dedicate it to Mr Boodram.