AG clarifies non-disclosure of attorney information

    (Photo Credit: Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago)

    The Attorney General is seeking to clarify why he has not been able to disclose certain information about the payment of state attorneys.

    Mr Faris Al Rawi held a media conference this afternoon to respond to a newspaper article on the matter.

    He said several matters are sensitive in nature for example, serious fraud or drug trafficking cases.

    Meanwhile, Mr Al Rawi stated that his office his spent $387 million since 2015, including $147.9 on behalf of the DPP.

    He claims this is still less than what was spent by the previous administration.


    The Opposition UNC meanwhile has criticized the AG’s explanation as to why details of payments cannot be given out, and accused him of seeking to deflect and hide information.

    In a release, it maintains that Government cannot spend without justification, accounting or explanation.

    It again referred to concerns raised by some UNC MPs that at yesterday’s sitting of the Standing Finance Committee, questions to the Government went unanswered.

    It also criticized the decision to put the increased expenditures to a vote despite this.