TTMS: Afternoon showers confined to Northern Range; Lightning strikes observed


    The T&T Met Service says this afternoon showers are confined to the Northern Range and its foothills, and are due to several factors.

    At 1:05pm today, the TTMS indicated that showers were developing over the Northern half of Trinidad, with some becoming heavy at times.

    This it says is due to the atmosphere over Trinidad being ‘very moist and unstable’, and that winds are originating from the South.

    It adds that the process responsible for producing the showers is known as ‘orographic lifting’.

    Meanwhile around 2pm, the TTMS indicated that it observed several lightning strikes over northwest Trinidad.

    For the remainder of the afternoon, it says there is a chance of thunderstorm activity continuing into the late afternoon over the western part of Trinidad.

    Tonight is expected to be partly cloudy at times with few showery spells.