Adverse Weather Alert in effect from tomorrow


    A Yellow Level Adverse Weather Alert will be in effect from 5am on Wednesday, to 12PM on Friday.

    The TTMS says periods of rain and/or showers of varying intensities are expected due to an active tropical wave

    Inclement weather is forecast from early tomorrow morning, beginning over Tobago and eastern areas of Trinidad.

    There is also a 70% (high) chance of heavy showers and thunderstorms that can produce intense rainfall in excess of 25mm.

    The TTMS also warns that:

    • Gusty winds in excess of 55 km/h may be experienced especially in the vicinity of heavy showers/thunderstorms.
    • Street/flash flooding and localized ponding are likely in heavy downpours.
    • Seas can become agitated at times in sheltered areas.
    • Landslides/landslips are possible in areas so prone.

    UPDATE: 4:50PM – October 4th 2022

    Regarding this Tropical Wave, the National Hurricane Centre says data from a Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicate it does not have a closed circulation and the center remains ill defined.

    It adds however that upper-level winds are likely to become more conducive for development.

    As such, a tropical depression could form during the next couple of days, if the system stays far enough away from land while moving westward across the Windward Islands and Caribbean Sea.

    Conditions are also forecast to become more conducive for development later this week when the system reaches the central and western Caribbean Sea.

    • Formation chance through 48 hours…medium…40%
    • Formation chance through 5 days…high…70%