A total of six arrested for gun, ammo and drug related offences


    Four men are due in court after being charged with marijuana possession and possession of a firearm and ammunition.

    Three of the men, all gardeners from Aranguez, were arrested following after police searched their home on Wednesday November 21st.

    They discovered 500 grams of high-grade marijuana and 22 Glock firearm selectors.

    Separately, a 29 year old man from the Rambhaju East area was spotted by police throwing an object into some nearby bushes.

    Marijuana seized in Aranguez

    Police detained the man of John Doolam Street and searched the area – they found Sig Sauger pistol and charged the man with firearm possession.

    Meanwhile, overnight in the Central Division, police arrested a 34 year old woman after they found 12 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition in the bedroom ceiling of her McLeod Trace, Freeport home.

    Officers also arrested a 53-year-old man of Rock Road, Penal home who had a Bryco pistol loaded with two rounds of .38mm ammunition hidden in a shoe in a bedroom of the house.