96 persons arrested in Central Trinidad


    Police exercises were carried out in the Central Division between 11:00pm on Saturday 2nd November, 2019 and 4:00am on Sunday 3rd November, 2019.

    35 non-nationals were arrested at the Rich Gold Hotel, five grams of marijuana was seized and two persons were arrested on outstanding warrants.

    Police then went to a bar in the Central Division where one person was arrested for the possession of a weapon and one for obscene language. A quantity of ecstasy pills was recovered and a quantity of nine knives were recovered in total.

    Several bars in the Point Fortin and Penal districts were targeted. During the exercise five undocumented Venezuelan nationals were detained in Point Fortin.

    In Penal 45 Venezuelan nationals were detained including 28 females ages ranging from 21 years to 38 years and 17 males ages 18 years to 52 years. 15 are undocumented.

    The Immigration Division is at this time processing all detained immigrants. Seven locals were arrested: three for keeping a common gaming house for the purpose of gambling, one for possession of marijuana and three for robberies in the Point Fortin district.