66 year old goes on destructive joyride with PTSC bus


    A 66 year old man has been arrested after stealing a PTSC bus and driving through the streets of Chaguanas today, leaving a trail of destruction.

    Around 3am, the man accosted a female security guard at PTSC’s compound, stole a bus and drove along the Main Road into Longdenville.

    During the route, he damaged a newspaper delivery vehicle and a garbage truck, but luckily no one was injured.

    Officers made several attempts to intercept and bring the bus to a stop, however, the driver continuously attempted to crash into the police vehicles and run over officers on foot.

    He consequently lost control of the bus and crashed into a 39- year-old woman’s home, along Edinburgh Road, Chaguanas.

    The crash resulted in the woman being seriously injured and the house extensively damaged.

    Officers were able to apprehend the suspect who was taken hospital for treatment.

    The owner of the home is also warded at hospital.