$6 billion to be spent on COVID-19 relief


    A total of six billion dollars is expected to be spent on COVID-19 relief, spread across various Ministries and state entities.

    Today, Finance Minister Colm Imbert gave a breakdown of what has been spent so far, as well projections of what expenses are still to come.

    He says a total of 890 million dollars will be spent by his Ministry for the salary relief grant and the Social Development Ministry on social relief grants.

    Meanwhile the Government is seeking a $442 million dollar loan to prop up Caribbean Airlines, which has been largely grounded during the pandemic.

    Money is also being given to religious bodies, WASA, the Police Service, the National Security, Local Government and Agriculture Ministries, and the THA.

    Mr Imbert says the Ministry of Health is expected to spend $387 million dollars, though it can be more if there are additional COVID-19 cases.

    He says five million dollars will be spent to purchase cloth masks, which will be distributed free to the public.