$5, $10 and $20 polymer notes to debut in November


    The new polymer notes for the 5 Dollar, 10 Dollar and 20 Dollar bills will be released to commercial banks from November 2nd 2020.

    It comes just 11 months after the Central Bank released the polymer version of the 100 Dollar bills, which replaced the old cotton notes.

    The new polymer notes will co-circulate with the existing cotton notes until at least the end of 2021.

    Therefore, Manager of Banking Operations Sharon Villafana states that there is no need for persons to rush to change their five, ten and twenty dollar notes.

    Meanwhile, the new one dollar and new fifty dollar polymer notes will be introduced sometime after January 2021.

    Central Bank Governor Alvin Hilaire says each polymer note costs about 50 per cent more than producing the cotton note, but it lasts two and a half times longer.