32 police recruits test positive for COVID-19

    (Image via CDC)

    The TTPS says 32 police recruits attached to the Police Academy in St James have tested positive for COVID-19.

    In a release it says one of the recruits had tested positive on August 25th, and another three days later.

    As a precaution, another 42 persons who were in direct contact with the two, were immediately separated and sent to the University of the West Indies, St Augustine, and away from the other 143 recruits at the Academy.

    Tests were conducted on the 42 recruits – 32 returned positive while the other ten were negative.

    The 32 who tested positive have since been removed to another part of the UWI campus, while the other ten remain in quarantine.

    The TTPS says a decision has now been made to test the remaining 143 recruits who are in training, as well as the instructors and other persons at the Academy.

    As a result, the proposed graduation on September 16th and passing out of recruits seven days later, have been postponed indefinitely.

    The TTPS says despite being impacted by COVID-19, officers continue to carry out ALL duties, including road exercises and raids.

    Since the start of the pandemic, several police stations, including the Police Administration Building, had to be closed on several occasions to be sanitized after police officers contracted the virus.

    Several sections, branches, and units, were also closed after the virus affected police officers and civilian staff.

    As a result, the TTPS has had to stop certain services, such as Certificate of Character and Firearms applications.