$300k stolen in three days: Be careful at ATMs


    Police are urging persons to be extra vigilant when using ATMs and using their Debit and Credit cards.

    Reports of card skimming at several commercial banks have been on the rise in recent days.

    The Fraud Squad says between Monday and Wednesday this week, over 60 reports of card skimming were made, with close to TT$300,000 being stolen from victims.

    Police say persons should pay attention to tape and/or the smell of glue on any part of the ATM, bulkiness on the card insert area or the PIN keypad, anything hanging from the ATM and loose-fitting attachments.

    If you believe the ATM has been tampered with, or you believe you are a victim of skimming, contact the bank or the police immediately.

    Persons are advised to check their account balances regularly or sign up for instant notifications to keep track of all transactions.