30-35 nationals returning soon from Suriname and other countries


    In the next few days, some 30-35 persons are expected to return to T&T from Suriname and other jurisdictions.

    In an update issued this afternoon, the National Security Ministry says students who were in India, as well as some persons from the Middle East and UK, have also started returning.

    It is also currently awaiting details on the travel arrangements of those granted exemptions to return from the UK/Europe and the Middle East.

    These persons should begin arriving in Trinidad and Tobago in the next few days and their numbers will reportedly bring state quarantine facilities up to full capacity.

    Given that, the Ministry says it is currently working out the details and timing of flights to take T&T students to the United States, while also beginning the repatriation of our nationals in the US.

    It says repatriation flights will be party dependent on the number of spaces available at the time in state quarantine facilities, as well as the number of persons who will pay for state-supervised quarantine.

    Over the past week, two large groups of nationals returned from Grenada and Canada.

    According to the Ministry, very few of these persons went into – and paid for – state-supervised quarantine, with the majority going instead to state quarantine facilities.