2023 Preparation for Release Programme launched


    The 2023 Preparation for Release Programme has been launched within the country’s prison system.

    This initiative is a collaboration involving the NGO Vision on Mission, the National Security Ministry and the Prison Service.

    The Programme is designed to provide cognitive, behavioural, restructuring, resettlement opportunities and linkages to the necessary support services to improve offenders’ transition from prison to communities.

    It is hoped that this will lead to increased public safety and a reduction in re-offending by participating inmates.

    The Programme is primarily offered and delivered to convicted inmates who have 18-24 months remaining in their sentence.

    In 2023, the nine month programme will be offered to approximately 100 inmates and facilitated at the Carrera Convict Prison, Port of Spain Prison, Women’s Prison, Golden Grove Prison, and Maximum Security Prison.

    Speaking at the launch at the Maximum Security Prison in Arouca, Vision on Mission CEO Giselle Chance said her organization intends to deepen its collaboration with the Prison Service Programmes Department to further develop the Programme and to make the delivery even more effective.