2 to be charged with larceny of TSTT cables


    Arrests for cable theft continue, with two men detained in Aranguez earlier this week.

    Around 6:30pm on Monday, officers of the Barataria Emergency Response Patrol were on mobile patrol when they saw a length of utility cable on the ground next to a black Nissan B-15 vehicle.

    Hiding in the back seat with cutting implements was a man who confessed to having an accomplice.

    He was arrested and taken to the Barataria Police Station.

    Shortly after, another man arrived at the station and reported the theft of his black Nissan B-15 earlier that day, allegedly by three men.

    He was instead arrested by the officers who identified him as the accomplice using CCTV footage from the area.

    The two men, both 33-year-old and from Morvant, are to be charged with larceny of TSTT cables and wasteful employment.