1990 Coup wreath-laying in Tobago

    (Photo credit: Office of the Chief Secretary - THA on Facebook)

    Today, on the 32nd anniversary of the 1990 attempted coup, a wreath-laying ceremony took place in Tobago.

    The event was held at James Park in Scarborough.

    First to lay a wreath was THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine, followed by Presiding Officer Abby Taylor.

    Also involved in the wreath laying were former parliamentarian Pamela Nicholson and retired Colonel Ellis Robinson, the nephew of former Prime Minister ANR Robinson.

    On this day in 1990, members of the Jamaat al Muslimeen stormed the Red House and the offices of TTT and there were attacks on the only two radio stations in the country.

    The ensuing hostage situation lasted six days, coming to an end on August 1st when the insurgents surrendered.

    24 people were killed, including Diego Martin Central MP Leo Des Vignes, while Prime Minister Robinson was among the many more who were injured.