TT Coast Guard denies intercepting any boat from Guiria

    Coast Guard Interceptor Boat

    Newsday has reported today that as many as 19 bodies have been found off the Venezuelan coastal town of Guiria over the weekend.

    The T&T Coast Guard, in a statement on Sunday, said it received information from Venezuelan authorities indicating that 11 bodies had been recovered on December 12th from the waters close to the Venezuelan coastal town of Guiria.

    It added that preliminary information suggests that a vessel had departed Guiria on 06 December 2020 with more than 20 persons onboard.

    These persons have not been seen or heard from since that day.

    The T&T Coast Guard says its officials did not intercept any vessels coming from Guiria on December 6th or anytime thereafter.

    On Sunday, the Coast Guard’s Rescue Coordination Center dispatched assets as part of a joint search effort with Venezuelan authorities.

    Newsday, in a report on Monday, stated that after the initial report about the 11 victims found on Saturday, newspaper El Periódico Del Delta reported that eight more were found, but no additional information was given.

    Other international media outlets though, including and BBC Mundo reported that only three additional victims were found.