15 arrested, 660 tickets issued over long Easter weekend

    (Photo via Trinidad and Tobago Police Service on Facebook)

    15 drivers were arrested and 660 tickets issued between Good Friday and Easter Monday.

    According to the TTPS, 10 of the arrests led to charges of Driving Under the Influence after breathalyser tests revealed alcohol levels over the prescribed limit of 35 micrograms.

    Four were also charged for driving a motor vehicle without a Driver’s License, while another was charged for Driving While Disqualified.

    Regarding the tickets, 503 were issued for speeding, and 157 were issued for traffic violations including failing to wear a seatbelt, holding or using a cell-phone, defective tyres, no certificate of insurance, and no tail-lights.

    20 road traffic enforcement exercises were led by Assistant Commissioner of Police Specialized Support along with Senior Superintendent Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch, Wayne Mystar.

    The TTPS says there were no road traffic fatalities over the long weekend and a 38% reduction in road deaths nationwide.


    The high number of speeding tickets has been noted with concern.

    TTPS Road Safety Coordinator, Sergeant Brent Batson, said there was a growing tendency for drivers to increase their speed at night when there was less traffic on the nation’s roadways:

    “Sadly we are still detecting drivers exceeding the speed limits by very dangerous ranges, in some cases as high as 160 kilometres per hour, which can almost certainly result in death or serious injury should a driver lose control or be involved in a crash.”

    This has led to the ramping up of speed enforcement exercises at night – 30% of the speeding tickets issued over the holiday weekend were handed out during night-time exercises.

    Sergeant Batson also reminded that the number of Demerit Points issued for speeding increases incrementally based on the rate of speed recorded.

    For example, speeds exceeding the limit by 31 kilometres per hour or more, could result in a fine of $3,000 and six Demerit Points.