1,300 motorists ticketed since the launch of the UTURN system


    1,300 persons have been ticketed for various traffic offences since the launch of the UTURN Traffic Enforcement E-ticketing system in May 2020.

    This amounts to $1.3 million in fines to be paid by drivers and front seat passengers who failed to buckle up while commuting in a vehicle.

    Drivers also incurred four demerit points for failing to adhere to this road regulation.

    The TTPS adds that in its most recent traffic exercises on July 10th, 126 Electronic Fixed Penalty Notices were issued for exceeding speed limits, failing to wear seatbelts, driving while using a mobile phone, driving a motor vehicle without a light illuminating the registration plate and driving a vehicle at night with one headlight.

    The exercises also resulted in the arrest of 12 drivers for drunk driving, with one driver producing a reading that was three times the legal limit.

    These exercises were conducted along the Beetham, Churchill Roosevelt and Uriah Bulter highways, as well as the Main Road in Dinsley, Arouca, Orange Grove and Tacarigua, and the Caura Royal Road.