On Wednesday, there were some big news headlines, including the National Security Minister’s call for an investigation in the Cambridge Analytica data mining link to Trinidad and Tobago. There was also the news that one of Yara Trinidad Limited’s ammonia plants will be shut down by December 31st, bringing new concerns to workers there.

One story that slipped through the cracks though, was the arrest of nine persons for fraud related to the licensing division. What? Fraud at Licensing…and now, arrests? Surely something we’ve haven’t really heard in this country before.

The case is new and the details of the fraud have not yet been detailed by officials, but citizens who caught that story must be saying…ah yes, they’re on the right track. The Transport Minister said during the digitization of the licensing division, a lot of things they felt were “unethical” were forwarded to the police for investigations, and now these files seem to be bearing fruit.

For every rumor of alleged ‘bribes’ and corrupt activities taking place within that division without repercussion, citizens seemingly gave up on the ability of authorities to touch individuals attached to licensing. But, we now see there is a glimmer of hope that during our lifetime we can eliminate those rumors once and for all.

The move to crack down on licensing corruption, while it may be long overdue, it is timely given that new measures are coming soon to clamp down on errant motorists who speed recklessly or break red lights whenever they feel like it.

While there’s that problem on the motorists’ end, there’s also the problem on those who grant the licenses. It surely is a win-win situation in changing the country’s culture of vehicular use.

No longer should we allow under-educated drivers be able to ‘buy’ a license permit, and neither should law abiding citizens be bullied into paying ‘extra’ when there’s no regulation in place for it.

We see the arrests as a good move, and hopefully it opens the can of worms that would make things better. That’s all we’re asking for.