Why defile our dot of paradise in Tobago?


THERE is a quaint charm about Tobago that has not faded.

Arriving at ANR Robinson International Airport, a feeling of warmth and relaxing calm envelops one. Friendly faces are always welcoming. The lovely warm, blue Caribbean waters at Store Bay and Pigeon Point make for a picture-perfect view.

The civil greetings, during the day and at night, are heart-warming. We in Trinidad have totally lost the feeling of camaraderie.

We have picked up the art of profiling each other, it appears, from another culture.

Walking along Pigeon Point Road, also known as Crown Point Avenue, there is a choice of interesting eating places and delicious aromas. Alas, sanitation and indiscipline are our downfall.

Delicious aromas mingle with the horrendous smell from the drainage system, which is so foul, one wonders whether the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) is aware and whether patrons can eat while inhaling the smell.

The broken pavements and garbage strewn all along the way make one wonder whether this is what Tobago tourism is all about. Who has allowed this strip of roadway to deteriorate into a filthy mess?

Milford Road also has a putrid smell, with flowing greenish water in certain areas.

Unusually loud music blasting from somewhere. What, no EMA?

Who is guilty? Certainly not the THA or delinquent vendors. Maybe an unknown force? It is absolutely spoiling the environment. Tobago is our beautiful dot of paradise. Let us cherish what Mother Earth has granted us. It can so easily be taken from us. Why must progress bring with it a loss of human values, respect and pride in our environment? Is it because we have become such mercenaries in life-especially when we allow greed to take over-that we then become oblivious to the environment and mankind?

Chandra Lee Kong St Clair/Woodbrook