We’ve been thinking hard and long this past week as we welcome the New Year…2019 and all it may bring.

Our thoughts are focused on the economy, the government and opposition politics, and the state of the Nation’s psyche. None seem to be in good shape, none seem to be shoring up its embattled image, and none seem to see the real dangers lying ahead.

The economy has lingered at the bottom of an almost dried out oil drum, forcing difficult life-changing situations upon us. There is little hope for recovery in sight as all predictions suggest that although our recession is officially over, nothing on the horizon suggests hundreds of flowers will bloom again, let alone thousands as the Chinese proverb goes. For more than fifty years all those charged with our governments and governance, have ignored the wisdom of, and need for an alternative business plan….one to take us away from dependence on oil, and the slavish, wishful thinking that OIL will rise again and again.

So the government, at the helm for two years, has done nothing because it inherited nothing, had no real solutions and is still bereft of genuine ideas. The treasury was milked dry, and oil simply disappeared.
The mentality of the weakling mendicants among us, is that things must improve because the government has to spend money later in the year if it wants a chance at re-election.

And then there’s the official opposition, complete with nuisance agitators and activists….offering no solutions but instead, calculated mischief, petty but dangerous commentary, and continuously promoting the society’s divide.

We have adjusted our national psyche to one of acceptance of the existing status quo. A dismal realisation that we have as yet no alternatives to the two main political parties, grasping for the straws that bind us to a gung-ho police commissioner to deliver us from the evil of crime.

Where is the sperm…… the spark of national unity that will cough up, new literates, new wisdom, new solutions and innovative thinking?

Come forward, our stifled youth.