What about a vaccine lottery?


Many people are understandably reluctant to interact with people who have not been vaccinated.

While the scarce vaccine and low percentage of people vaccinated situation is a mess that only government bureaucracy could have accomplished, why is there is a different tolerance for employer and employee views? For example, why do Licensing Division employees get to be concerned about exposure to the public but somehow it’s ‘wrong’ to make vaccinations mandatory for continued employment?

All right thinking people should want their co-workers to be vaccinated, given the possibility of long term Covid-19 issues (after recovery). But in this era of Facebook, people pay attention to hearsay and rumours. I find it strange that mandatory vaccination is an infringement of personal choice but mandatory exposure by another person’s unvaccinated ‘choice’ is not!

Do we want to end up like Florida where new cases are now 3,300 plus a day? In May, 99.2 per cent of US deaths were from unvaccinated people and the Delta variant accounts for more than 50 per cent of new US cases. It’s time to change laws so employers pay no penalty for replacing staff who choose to remain unvaccinated due to non-medical reasons. Also, if the Government is serious about reducing vaccine hesitancy, why not have a ‘Vax-Cash’ lottery for the vaccinated to entice people?

If we do not want yet another lockdown in the near future the Government and courts must support what’s in the country’s best interest.

R Samaroo
San Fernando