We’ll make it if we work together


IT IS of great importance that our leaders stay focused and not be sidetracked by any form of distraction when it comes to attending to the people’s business.

There are too many issues in Trinidad and Tobago that need serious attention, for example, the growing crime situation, unemployment, water woes, inflation, domestic violence, home invasions, and the increase of Covid-19 infections.

There is enough to keep our leadership busy 24/7. As a concerned citizen and someone who loves my homeland, I am saddened when I see our leaders in a war of words with each other. How long are we going to continue this way at the expense of the country and the citizenry?

These wars and the pulling down of each other, what are the benefits?

Is the country or citizens’ lives any better? Absolutely not. What Trinidad and Tobago needs right now is the coming together of those brilliant minds to find solutions for the challenges that are before us. This must be the first thing on the agenda of our leaders. For the sake of the country and the people, I humbly suggest to get back to the drawing board, revisit the manifesto, refocus and put what matters first. Are we not seeing what is taking place in our beautiful twin-island? The character attacks are not good and they are only sending us backward.

As we celebrate 60 years of Independence, wouldn’t it be nice if we all made a decision to improve how we relate to each other, beginning with those who are leaders in our country?

Setting the pace that others can see and emulate, for example, our youth?

None of us is perfect, but the time has come when we all must take responsibility for what we say and do in the public domain.

Let us focus on the real issues that are affecting the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. That is where the rubber meets the road. Let us do it together as a people, knowing that this is our land, of which we should be proud and glad. We will make it if we try and work together, trusting in God the creator.

Arnold Gopeesingh

San Juan