Welcoming Sunak’s ‘new politics’


Will Rishi Sunak usher in a new brand of politics for the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth of Nations and the global community? He seems to showcase a new era of dialogue, leadership fortified with wisdom and understanding-features urgently needed to foster another way out.

This is one of several challenges the new tenant at 10 Downing Street, London, has to face. Sunak is typically a freshman in politics, considering he was not even a local government representative; and at the age of 42, he seems to possess that with great confidence that he would make the change in British politics, and even in the Commonwealth, and also in the realms of world politics.

The world needs freshmen in politics, and Sunak justly exemplifies this approach. We are fed up and tired with the old-guard politicians, and leaders.

Their modus operandi includes convulsions, warfare and reckless governance. I am sure Sunak would usher in ‘new politics’ which our civilisation urgently needs. The time has come for these values to be of action-not just talk and more talk.

And as he executes his assignment, he would be judged not only by the British society, but by the world, because of his origin.

It seems the African continent has hidden talent-a feature that we are not fully aware of. Remember, President Barack Obama has African heritage and he ruled America for eight years. Today, Sunak, whilst he is of Asian extraction, and his family has roots in East Africa, he is the first South Asian to sit at Whitehall as prime minister.

On his very regular visits to Whitehall, he would have met with his then-boss, Boris Johnson, over the years, and he has already gotten the feelings, accommodation and environment of what he would have to undertake to fulfil his mandate.

Sunak and Mahatma Gandhi shared the heritage, and the world must now wonder what then-prime minister Winston Churchill would echo, with Sunak perhaps occupying the same seat he once endured in service of the British people and the world.

Sunak’s premiership in the United Kingdom was an act of spiritual force which we do not fully understand.

His elevation to the United Kingdom’s top post has ignited a deep historical cord, and upliftment for the Indian diaspora, which is proudly acclaimed by the people of India and the Indian diaspora which numbers over 30 million scattered across the globe.

Paras Ramoutar