Wear your masks…and wear them properly


As I understand it, we are required to wear face masks to cover both our nose and our mouth-the nose because we breathe in virus particles if we are in a zone with an infected person, and we breathe out the virus particles if we are infected ourselves.

In this way we can protect both other persons and ourselves.

Same goes with our mouths: as we speak there is the risk of intake or output of virus particles.

So, how come it is so hard for people to cover both nose and mouth? I see people with masks under their nose, under their chin, cupping their beards.

It is bad enough seeing people on the pavement wearing their protective gear wrongly.

Then we have pictures of various members of the Government with masks either missing or under their nose. Maybe the print media can point these persons out?

They are setting a bad example, and it begs the question: how come the police are not arresting them? Imagine going into a company and having its staff sit with you without their noses covered.

We are told over and over again that masks are important for indoors. There is risk of transmission through the ventilation system indoors. Companies insist their customers comply, but do not insist that their staff do the same.

What is the use if masks are not worn properly? How is that so hard? Wear a mask-and wear it properly. RIP procurement legislation 2020.

Anne de Silva
St Joseph