A threat to any person’s life, regardless of the form in which it arrives, must be taken seriously. It should not matter whether the intended victim is politician or a or a street dweller. The fact remains the same, that the life of another human being is being threatened. We make this statement today, in light of the announcement last week by the Prime Minister and the Attorney General that persons, yet to be identified, took out contracts on their heads a few years ago. Both men have said that investigations into the threats we were ongoing hence the reluctance to reveal more information. Naturally, there has been very broad speculation about the claims, given the fact that it involved politicians on the eve of local government and parliamentary elections.

Now, there are two fundamental issues affecting this bombshell of an announcement. One is that it involves politicians, and the other is our inability to get any sort of satisfactory closure concerning serious crimes over the decades, much less for a threat to commit a serious crime. It has basically become the expected norm that intention to commit serious offences are often times trivialised by police. Therefore, the feeling of a large cross section of the population is that this revelation from the Prime Minister and the AG would go nowhere. How many times have we heard of people making reports of threats to harm them only to hear that it was never investigated until it was too late? Maybe now that this latest plot involves such ‘important men’, there might actually be an enquiry.

Perhaps the most debatable of all the decisions was the choice of a political meeting to announce that there was a threat to the life of the Prime Minister. While most people agree that a threat of this nature is serious, all have said that it should not have been made a political issue and now a political football. One is saying it’s a police matter that cannot be discussed further and another is pointing political fingers. A complete mess topped with mauvais langue. It is unfortunate that the Prime Minister and the Attorney General didn’t call a separate news conference instead to make such a serious announcement.

With that said, we agree that it was quite peculiar that a matter serious as an assassination plot against the Prime Minister would be made 4 years later. And the fact that it came on the eve of elections is further reason for scepticism and even more reason why the investigators need to get to work. We certainly hope that they spare no time seeking answers and throw somebody in jail over this worrying matter. The perpetrators of this dastardly act must be brought to justice. Similarly, we want the purveyors of a sick joke to face a similar fate if it is found to be just that.