We need real national unity


The nation of Trinidad and Tobago has maintained its status quo in exhibiting its national divide through the election results giving the winning party a very small majority.

So, where do we go from here?

How and when will we start the process of constitutional reform and Tobago self- governance?

A simple majority will not take us over the threshold to significant national development. It is now or never that the nation’s flag should be flown higher than party flags. We need real national unity or else we will continue to go around the proverbial circle with no positive outcome.

The time has come for healthy dialogue and compromise between the People’s National Movement and the United National Congress. The PNM with its small majority cannot go it alone for the next five years as they tend to think they can.

Both sides must now make accommodations for input and contribution from each other towards the country’s best interest. It will be a waste of five years if these two parties do not go past pettiness and insecurities and embrace the national good.

Healthy economy or not, youth involvement or not, if the two major parties do not lock arms for the national good, then T&T will be back at this same juncture in five years.

Neither of the parties has to lose its identity or philosophy, but they should also add to those things the need to collaborate and cooperate when the bigger picture demands it.

Marlon Stroud