We must stop victimising rape victims


The main reason rape victims do not report their ordeal is not because of fear of the perpetrator but of the public. Males and females can be raped. Keep that in mind TT.

Society stigmatised rape and made it look like the victims are the ones at fault, hence their reluctance to come forward. Rape victims choose silence over being ridiculed.

Rapists escape the jaws of the justice system because their victims choose to be silent out of fear of being verbally victimised by society.

No one qualifies to be a “raped woman.” Being raped is not an adjective, it cannot be used to describe somebody. We cannot use people’s unfortunate situations to describe them. That is gross and inhumane.

Society looks at victims of rape as dirty people, as if they chose to go through that painful situation. Rape is a cruel trauma.

TT, we must reach out to victims of sexual crimes and hold their hands tightly. We need to give them much needed support and strength. We cannot judge them for something they did not inflict on themselves. Judge not, least ye be judged.

We need to deal with the rapists and bring them to justice. Get help for them.

Brothers and sisters, let us rise up and change the way we look at this scourge. It is imperative we stop victimising the victims.

Rape victims never truly recover 100 per cent. We need to stop victimising victims of rape.


Princes Town