Vaccinate for Carnival in August?


PRIME MINISTER Dr Keith Rowley, We are currently around 600,000 people immunised, with the goal of ‘herd immunity’ at 800,000–which seems elusive at this time.

However, I am convinced if you throw out the challenge to our population that if ‘we reach 800,000 immunisations by December 31, 2021, then we will have Carnival in August 2022,’ then our non-vaccinated members will surprise you by achieving this target.

What do you have to lose? Set the target, and let all our non-vaccinated people prove you wrong? This is a win/win for our country’s health, for our economy (US$50 million earned per Carnival), and all our young people’s best mental health. Note, I have already talked with several people in the gym who have confirmed they would take the vaccination if we could have Carnival in August 2022.

I beg you to throw down the gauntlet to our people, and brace yourself for this surprise?

Roger Gordon