United we stand, divided we fall


As a people who have encountered bleak colonial experiences, there is a need for us to celebrate our national achievements especially 60 years of our independence.

In a patriotic spirit of love and togetherness, we must continue to persevere in our efforts for the realisation of a brighter tomorrow primarily for the young and those to be bor n.

Regardless of the trying times in which we are living, our citizens who are desirous of positive change must first adopt an attitude of accepting and adjusting to the things that they cannot change. We must become authentic nation builders. We must appeal to those around us to develop their own unique ways of edifying and promoting our nation.

True patriotism must be exemplified at all times, wherever we go regardless of unwholesome situations.

All citizens must develop tolerance and acceptance for one another. There is an urgent need for us to build strong social bridges that would overcome hatred between and among ethnic groups. Presently, there are very serious issues for us to deal with such as the astronomical rise in crime and the pandemic. Also, poverty continues to escalate at an unprecedented rate. Many middle-class folks may soon be entering the circle of poverty. Aren’t these major issues for us to ponder on? Therefore, our thoughts must dwell on finding effective ways of handling societal problems.

We must endorse the salient fact that united we stand as our brother’s keeper, but divided we fall.

If or when we happen to fall, ill-luck may be against us and we may not be able to regain our standing position.

We must therefore transcend beyond colour, creed and race as we unite our efforts for the overall well-being of all of our fellow citizens.