UNC’s Cambridge Analytica denial unconvincing


How utterly irresponsible of the UNC to flippantly treat with the accusation of the breach of the privacy of all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago in the way they did.

In response to serious allegations, not only arising out whistle-blower Wylie’s book but from testimony in the British Parliament, the UNC’s only defence is to compare it to “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

A fantasy book containing mythical dragons, ice demons and giants, in no way compares to the startling revelations that the former UNC government granted foreigners unfettered access to our data and allowed them to spy on us.

The prospect that every personal conversation ever had or pic sent over a phone may have been intercepted by agents for the UNC for electioneering or worse, does not compare to a “Game of Thrones” novel.

To tell me this in their defence is an insult to my intelligence as well as that of all citizens, who are hearing that their privacy was seriously breached.

The UNC’s response to these serious allegations is not convincing at all.

Instead of addressing to these allegations, they have taken to personal attacks on the whistle-blower and those calling for an investigation.

In their usual litigious style, they have threatened to sue everyone.

Further it seems their denials don’t add up with at least one UNC officer admitting that he warned them of the treacherous road they were walking.

I welcome a probe to get to the bottom of this diabolical plan to illegally harvest data and intrude on the activities of all the people of this country, as Wylie has outlined.

The implications may be too dark to fathom yet it deserves exploring.

Imagine the paranoia of wondering if someone is watching as I type this letter? That is the depth of the spying alleged and if true, may be one of the most sinister crimes ever to be perpetrated on the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.